Credit Repair Services


Credit Repair Services cover a large spectrum.  We will provide you with a number of things to keep in mind when evaluating services and service providers.


Most commonly when people refer to “Credit Repair” they are referring to disputing services that can result in the removal of information from your credit report and hopefully an improvement in your credit score.  Since the requirements for a “Dispute” are not too complicated some service providers operate exclusively on this platform.  It can be affective but we like to compare it to a cheese sandwich:   it isn’t the type of thing you would expect to pay for by itself at a restaurant And it can work at home but if done incorrectly or too often you may find yourself searching for corrective medicine.


Credit Repair Services should begin with an evaluation by one of the many licensed credit repair companies.  Your credit report is made up of “Good Items”, “Bad Items”, and “Not So Difficult to Change items”.  You should understand how your behavior affects the information on your credit report and your need for credit repair help or credit report repair.  Knowing what behavior you need to continue and what behavior you need to “cease and desist” will start you off on the right foot for moving forward towards increased creditworthiness. 


Once you are aware of the “Good Items”, “Bad Items”, and “Not So Difficult to Change items” you can decide what techniques your credit repair service should use possibly including credit repair software or a licensed member of Las Vegas credit repair.  Each technique typically has a different service fee associated with it so it is important to take this into consideration when evaluating what is best for you.


Disputing items is a very common approach, can be affective, and should provide you with a close to exact idea of cost to you.  Disputing without planning ahead can make your situation worse in a number of cases including delinquent debts that are being reported.  Debt Settlement is a likely credit repair service when dealing with delinquent debts.  Verifiable debts that are highly unlikely to be removed with a dispute have a better chance for negotiation prior to other negative information being removed.

There may be people out there willing to repair credit but we reccomend a provider that has the Credit Services License.


Credit Repair services should provide you with at least a basic understanding, a number of choices to make, an idea of cost to you and an approximate timeline.




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