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We have been providing Credit Repair for more than 9 years.

tax liens
mortgage late payments
charge offs,
paid collections
short sales (aka pre-foreclosure),
medical collections
credit card late payments
incorrect personal information
identity theft
predatory lending practices
high interest rates
rate increases
abusive collection activities
In addition to the ability to repair credit through our credit repair disputing service we utilize several creditor interventions, which may further improve your credit management results.
The following additional methods and interventions are included.
Good Will Interventions
A non-confrontational contact with a creditor for mild late-pay and similar accounts in which the client’s relationship is maximized to impact the credit reporting
Account Investigations
A non-dispute contact with a creditor for more seriously late accounts requesting either documentation of an account’s compliance with all consumer protection statutes or a requisite alteration to the way it is represented within the client’s credit report
Debt Validation
A non-dispute contact with a creditor for certain charged-off and collection accounts which affirms a client’s rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and demands a complete accounting of the alleged obligation’s statutory compliance
In the event you are currently out of the country there may be no better time to evaluate credit repair companies and settle problems relating to negative credit reporting through credit repair services, outstanding debts or warrants. Leaving town or the country doesn’t cause any problems to go away; in most cases it escalates them. In cases where alleged problems have escalated in absentia or developed out of identity theft we have been very effective at providing credit repair help for clients.
Typically service providers offering credit report repair will have a Credit Services License.
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